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The Flash was going to be one of Warner’s great premieres, but the chaotic and incomprehensible behavior of its protagonist has jeopardized the premiere of the film.

Warner he has no luck with his superhero movies. A few days ago he announced the cancellation of batgirl, a film that cost 70 million dollars. And now I might have to cancel The Flashalbeit under completely different circumstances.

Flash It is one of Warner’s big bets for the coming months, but a major drawback has arisen: its protagonist, Ezra Miller has serious behavior problems.

Some days ago has been accused of breaking into a Vermont home to steal alcohol. Last April Miller was arrested and booked as second degree assault suspectand a month earlier, in March, Miller was arrested for charges of disorderly conduct and harassment after an incident in hawaii.

This erratic and repetitive behavior, which seems to be associated with excessive alcohol consumptionhas led Warner to consider three different options with the movie The Flash, as explained The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie is already shot and Ezra Miller appears in almost every scene, so it is impossible to replace him with another actor.

Warner’s first option is that Ezra Miller seek professional help, now that he is confined with his family on his farm in Vermont. Miller would appear in an interview apologizing and explaining why he has behaved like this, he would limit his appearances in the marketing campaign, and the film would be released normally.

The second option is that Ezra Miller does not accept professional help or apologize, but do not commit another serious incident before the premiere. In this case, he would be removed from the film’s marketing campaign, the film would be released as planned, and Ezra Miller would not play The Flash again, being replaced by another actor in future films.

The third alternative, which Warner consider the worst case scenario, is that the actor does not accept a treatment, and continues organizing scandals. If there is a media trial, Warner would consider canceling the film.

It is unlikely to happen, since after the cancellation of Batgirl a second cancellation would be a disaster. Also the first viewings of the film with private audiences have been very positive.

A difficult decision for Warner. Everything is now in the hands of Ezra Miller.

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