The reason why you should always ask for a copy when you pay by card

Security recommendations for your credit card

Thursday, 22 September 2022, 22:05

“Do you want a copy?”, they ask us in any local, business or restaurant, and almost automatically we say “no, it is not necessary”. Well, yes, it is necessary. Card payments have grown so much that they already exceed cash payments, and with it, scams have increased. Many times we do not even pay attention to the amount indicated by the sales terminal, and therein lies the danger. That is why the Bank of Spain has wanted to launch a warning about the risk that we can run if we do not request a copy of the operation, so it recommends that the consumer check the amount indicated by the dataphone before bringing his card closer to the device. “Sometimes you may act automatically and not even look at what they charge you,” he warns.

So, if that amount is wrong and you have already swiped your card, having the copy of the transaction in your possession could help solve the problem. It is best to keep track of card purchases and always ask for a copy of the payment.

Another good way to verify movements is to have a bank application with SMS or notifications activated, so that the consumer receives an alert every time the card is charged. In addition, the entity insists on reviewing the card charges periodically.

BDE: Other safety recommendations

Never write down the secret number next to the card, nor carry it written in your bag or wallet on paper. It should be memorized.

Avoid the coincidence of easily obtained data (date of birth, DNI, etc.) with the secret number.

Show some identification document when you use the card.

Take confidentiality measures when operating, both in establishments and at ATMs.

If you don’t use it regularly, make sure it’s still under your power.

Check bank statements for suspicious movements.

Have the telephone number provided by the entity to hand in these cases and in a separate place on the card.

Never leave your card number visible or give it to another person.

Safeguard or destroy documentation containing your name and card number, such as receipts.

Do not use the credit card as personal identification.

Use of cards online. It uses three security measures: key, signature, card coordinates, SMS, password, token, fingerprint…

If you have more than one card, try to use a different secret number for each of them.


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