The relationship between Romeo Santos and Rosalía: admiration, Adventure and the song ‘El handkerchief’

On September 1 Romeo Santos Y Rosalia signed a new chapter in their personal history with the launch of the handkerchief, their first collaboration and a dream come true for both artists. Long before you sing this song that mixes bachata and flamencoone and the other had already shown their mutual admiration in two interviews.

A story of mutual admiration

The first to do it was Romeo Santos in an interview in April 2020. “He fascinates me, I think he has a very bright and promising future. I fell in love with his voice. I think she is a phenomenal girl,” he said of the Catalan artist, who took a little longer to confess this admiration.

Last March, in one of the interviews on the occasion of the release of his album MOTOMAMI, Rosalia launched an order to Romeo Santos, who caught the hint on the fly and months later was already recording the song with the Spanish artist the handkerchief.

“Aventura inspires me a lot. As a group it is wonderful. Romeo Santos is an inspiration. when i wrote Fame I thought of the song Obsession. It is a great reference”, Rosalía declared, before launching the órdago: “I would very much like to make music with him”.

Before ‘El Pañuelo’ there was ‘Obsesión’

Rosalía and Romeo Santos premiered September with the handkerchief, although before this collaboration they tried their voices in the last concert of Romeo Santos with Grupo Aventura.

On December 20, 2021, the Catalan took the stage to sing with Romeo Santos the song obsessednsource of inspiration for his bachata Famein which he sings with The Weeknd and that he presented in November of that year.

Rosalía and Romeo Santos sang this 2002 song together, which belongs to the album We Broke the Rules, and ended the performance melted into a hug. It was just the beginning of this beautiful story. The second part came nine months later with the handkerchief.

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