The Rings of Power 1×05 debunks a great theory about Sauron

MADRID, 23 Sep. (CultureLeisure) –

The fifth episode of The Rings of Power has finally shown mysterious white-robed character who appeared in the trailer of the series presented during the San Diego Comic-Con. Back then, with the series premiere still weeks away, many fans believed it was Sauronsomething that fiction has denied in its last chapter.


Said character, played by Bridie Sisson, debuts in the fifth episode and, although he does not say a word, appears in the credits under the nickname ‘The Dweller’which translated would be something like ‘The Dweller’ or ‘The Inhabitant’.

He is accompanied by two other mysterious figuresalso attired in white robes and who are accredited as ‘The Nomad’, played by Edith Poor, and ‘The Ascetic’, embodied by Kali Kopae. ‘The Dweller’ is shown as the leader of the group, but does not treat fellow travelers like servants, as it would happen if it were Sauron.

However, his outfits and actions during the chapter do confirm that there is one connection between them and Sauron as well as with his predecessor, Morgoth, the first Dark Lord. And it is that Morgothas will be Sauron, He was worshiped by many as a god, and will even come, according to Tolkien’s writings, to have a temple built in his honor in Númenor who, after succeeding in deceiving and seducing the inhabitants of the insular kingdom, Sauron will be High Priest.

The three new characters that have debuted in the fifth episode of The Rings of Power wear, along with their characteristic white robes, a staff and a giant plate that look like objects of worship of some fictional deity. Its leader also has the blackened fingerssuggesting, as Screen Rant points out, that it could be someone capable of practicing black magic.


It remains, in this way, disproved the theory that the character played by Sisson is sauron. However, what the fifth episode of The Rings of Power has done is reinforce the theory that Sauron is The Stranger (Daniel Weyman), the mysterious man who arrived on a meteorite and that unleashed all kinds of rumours. And it is that the three characters in white robes they gather around the crater that El Extraño made upon landing and seem to worship itas if looking for the man who fell from the sky.

In fact, the underside of the linden leaf falls before the elf Gil-Galad just as The Stranger arrives at the beginning of the series, as if responding to this new evil presence in Middle-earth, it’s blackas are the fingers of the leader of the white-robed trio who goes to the crater.

Yet another test, along with others like the fire that does not burn or its ability to control animalsin favor of the hypothesis that, although not even he knows it right now, the Stranger is really Sauron.

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