The RTX 4090 poses for the camera in the Founders Edition version of a monster graphics card

There are still a few weeks left for the most likely launch of the RTX 40 of Nvidia. A safe bet that the Americans of Jen-Hsun Huang will use to break the market and thus replace some RTX 30 that turned 2 years old on September 17. Now, the RTX 4090 in its version Founders Edition has reared its head and is a monster.

We already commented that the same model, but under Zotac assemblerIt looked enormous, too much even though logical considering the power and the results they aspire to achieve. Far from being a leak or a Chinese distribution medium that has seen an image of this GPU leak, we are talking about Haung himself with it in hand.

How could it be otherwise, the Founder design follows the same pattern than the others seen and not only that, but it would confirm, according to the portal VideoCardzthat the first shared image of that supposed RTX 4080 is real. As you can see, although the design maintains the same style, we are talking about a real monster with an axial fan that is larger than its namesake Ampere model from the last generation.

Of course, it should be noted that, at least for now, the specs of this RTX 4090, as well as other models of the same family, remain an unknown. Many portals assure that it will have 24GB of memory GDDR6X and a TDP of no less than 450 W of power, so we are talking about the top in terms of home graphics cards, without going into value those created for data.

Of course, all the rumors and half-truths will dissipate in just a few hours when NVIDIA delights us with a good infographic of prices, specifications and release dates in the event scheduled for today. The store premiere it is anticipated, according to some mediafor this very week as a shadow drop very curious in the purest style of the iPhone 14, launched the same day as its official announcement.

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