The Samsung Galaxy S23 could bring the Exynos 2300 inside

September is already giving its last breath to give way to October, a few months that bring us closer to the end of 2022 and the arrival of a new batch of mobile devices. One of the most anticipated is always provided by Samsung, which is none other than the Galaxy S series. And it is that many expect the new from this company that could come with the surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S23 could bring the Exynos 2300.

SAmsung continues betting on its chips

It is a fact that companies are capable of lowering the cost of their devices by the more parts they have of their own manufacture. This helps a lot in order to put a more attractive price for the user, and that affects the fact that more devices are sold that are put into the fray. This is very interesting to see in those companies that have components as important as chips or screens, as is the case with Samsung.

And it is that the Samsung Galaxy S23 and it’s on its way, which means that in the coming months we will begin to have the first leaks of the phone. One of the things that is already being talked about is the introduction of the signature chip inside the cutting-edge phone.

It is true that the Exynos microprocessor has always been competing in its own house with that of Qualcomm, which has also given it great results over the years. That’s why, once again, there is dispute about the arrival of a Samsung Galaxy S23 with the Exynos 2300 chip.

Until now, the vast majority of the company’s latest terminals have been sold with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and it is expected that this year the cutting-edge device will be with Qualcomm’s Gen 2. But that does not mean that there are units available with the Korean chip, which is not a bad thing either since it will also offer great performance to a quality phone.

One more step towards the Qualcomm chip?

It turns out that the Korean company could continue with its strategy of putting two identical terminals with different chips. But this remains to be seen until Samsung itself shows it to us next year.

However, there are those who point out that the Asian firm is disappointed with the performance of its own chips in the S22, as Ice Universe comments on its Twitter account. weibo. For this reason there are many who think that this would be a new attempt to have a processor up to the task and that it would be in 2024 if we would see a new direction from the firm.

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