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David Kelly, Head of Global Strategy at JPMorgan Asset Managementin an interview for Businnes Insider, highlighted the points that are altering the economy in the United States and what would be recommended to do to avoid the crisis.

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For him, a recession in the North American country is still not clear: “The only thing we can hold on to is job growth“He assured. However, although there are positive data, not enough to generate peace of mind.

According to Kelly, a unemployment rate of 3.5% is low but could go back in the next 2 months.

“The reason employment is strong, or job growth is performing well, is not because the economy is strong.”, highlights Kelly. “It’s because we had a huge pent-up demand for labor after the pandemic, with demand booming, a lot of baby boomers retiring, and less immigration,” she says.

For him, another of the factors that can lead to a recession is company profitswhich continue to exceed revenue forecasts as well as results and it is increasingly difficult for them to keep up.

To this must be added the drop in consumption as a result of high inflation. The rise of price of food and gasoline It disproportionately affects low- and middle-income families, the expert draws attention.

For him, the key factor that must be taken into account Federal Reserve are supply costs. “I think the Fed thinks they’re running the economy, but really, they’re trying to steer a small boat with a small oar and in very rough seas. It’s the sea that’s running the economy, not the Fed,” he said. .

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One of his tips to deal with this situation through investment is to position the portfolios taking advantage of the environment in the stock market. Nevertheless, Not all sectors offer benefits.

For him, those fields linked to the consumer discretionary and staples because they currently have high ratings and are highly impacted by consumers.

That is why Kelly suggests that you bet on: energy, finance, health care and technology.



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