The song that wasn’t successful until it made it onto a Paul McCartney album

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the Beatles They gave the world hundreds of songs that to this day remain among the most famous in rock and that their former members continue to play in live concerts. Nevertheless, This has not been the fate of all their songs, since some went unnoticed at the time of their release to gain relevance years later.

This is the case of “Birthday”, which was released within the White Album, a double album that showed the different directions the Liverpool four began to take and was largely composed in retirement in India. Although this was a moment of personal and musical breakdowns between the members of the band, there were some songs that continued to be the result of the classic John Lennon-Paul McCartney duo and one of them is the aforementioned track.

The Beatles. Photo: © Apple Corps Ltd / The Beatles’ Facebook.

Songs like “Blackbird”, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, “Helter Skelter”, “Revolution 1” and many more stood out from that album, but “Birthday” did not reach any UK charts, among other reasons because it was not released as a single.. On the composition of this song, McCartney explained in the book Many Years From Now:

“We thought ‘Why don’t we invent something?’ So we had a riff and we arranged it around this riff. We added lyrics and then called friends who were there to join in on the chorus. So it was 50-50 me and John, written on the spot and recorded all in the same afternoon.”

Although the song did not achieve particular success at the time, it would be years later that it would enter the UK charts at number 29 thanks to McCartney’s live album, Tripping the Live Fantastic. This album was published in 1990 and included both songs from the bassist’s solo career and some tracks by The Beatles, which allowed this song to remain on the chart for about three weeks.

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