The story behind the 122-year-old chocolate bars that have sold for more than 500 euros

Surely on some occasion you have been told that “you improve over the years like good wine”, and it is true that certain foods and drinks enhance their flavors and qualities over the years.

It could be said that, speaking of chocolatesit is not exactly a food that is excessively expired and we must consume in a few days after buying it, but neither is it a bottle of whiskey that we can keep for years and years to find the ideal time to drink it.

Then,Why would someone be willing to pay a fortune for chocolate at 122 years old? What is not fit for consumption? Because there are things that have much more hidden value than they show.

In an attic in the English region of lincolnshire A 122 tin can of Rowntree brand chocolates was recently found, which sold at auction last Tuesday for a total of £519, and although the chocolate is not suitable for consumption, the buyer opted for this treasure that has an interesting story behind it.

A chocolate of war heroes

During the Boer War, or War of Liberation, Queen Victoria decided to send boxes of chocolates to British troops and commissioned the bars to be sent to soldiers vying for control of South Africa.

Queen Victoria wanted the troops to see that the chocolate was of high quality, so a portion of the chocolate was branded and these bars were stamped with the brand name: Rowntree.

In addition, the cans were engraved with an image of Queen Victoria, her insignia and the words “South Africa 1900”. Although other of these cans had previously been found, this is the first time that the chocolate has been found inside.

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