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Lewandowski, during the Joan Gamper Trophy against the Pumas.
Lewandowski, during the Joan Gamper Trophy against the Pumas.Joan Montfort (AP)

The house through the window. start a strange League that will split in half at the end of the year, when a strange World Cup begins. As you can see, everything is strange in football to come. The summer was also strange, encouraged by a poor Barça that decided to settle its debt by buying. Joan Laporta appeared on television every so often, brimming with optimism, to tell us that he was selling the future to buy the present, a business that hid the risk due to the power of seductive proper names that excite the networks. The arrival of Koundé put in oblivion that Christensen was already signed; Kessié was hidden behind the possible arrival of Bernardo Silva; Lewandowski covered Raphinha; not to mention Dembélé, darkened after leaving through a revolving door through which he re-entered illuminated. In a world that ignores climate change, who cares about the future of a football club that promises hope for tomorrow? Let’s spread a thick veil: Barça is back and, with it, a better League.

The quiet revolution. Real Madrid keeps Casemiro, Kroos and Modric, the three wise men who are in charge of the circulatory system of the team’s game. The three seem to ignore the passage of time and stand firm defending the fort. Not only that of his team, but that of football itself, every day more snatched by physical display and more limited in his creativity by an almost military order. The Magnificent Three survive by lifting trophies, but it is important not to forget that, in some games last season, they were overtaken by a high pace of play. Tchouameni, Valverde and Camavinga remain on standby, a promising trio and more similar to the football to come. Until his turn comes, it will be interesting to see how Ancelotti’s intelligence intertwines with the energy of these youngsters, the criteria of illustrious collectors of titles.

Cholo in the face of danger. As for Atlético, one more year Simeone explains it. No need to speak, just being. Football is full of paradoxes and he plays a striking one: a result-oriented coach who does not need results to survive. Credibility that has been earned. A fan renews his subscription out of expectation and out of love. With Simeone, the expectation is that the team will die trying and love is guaranteed by his great identification with Atlético. After 10 years, his solid presence reassures the Atléticos, who see in Cholo a player who escaped from the field, a fan who got down from the stands, an executive who watches over the future of a club that, no one forgets him, when he arrived he didn’t even have a present. Third in discord, I’m still waiting for Atlético to take the final leap so that the League grows in interest.

Sharks attacking. To know who we are, we have to look outside. And as the economy creates ghettos, it is indisputable that the Premier is five stars. Cucurella for 65 million plus seven in variables It is the abusive way that the big ones use to mark the territory. The upper middle class of world football lives and dies by the ambition of these insatiable economies. He lives for the economic injection; dies from football impoverishment. Sevilla lost their superb pair of central defenders; Valencia to Guedes, a differential player of those who, just by naming him in the lineup, make you feel great. There is much merit in surviving those attacks. As the Premier is a Super League unto itself, it will be interesting to see how the rest of footballing Europe responds. In the meantime, we take comfort in the strange League that is already here.

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