the tablet raises its price, but it brings a 30% faster processor

amazon introduces the new Fire HD 8 model with a premium entertainment experience, a faster processor than its predecessor, a longer battery life and a lightweight and even portable design.

If we delve into its technical characteristics, the most outstanding feature is the 30% faster Hexa-Core processortherefore, users will be able to use the split screen to perform two actions at the same time and navigate through Internet fluently.

The brilliant HD screen of the tablet is eight inchesis made of reinforced aluminosilicate glass, is shock resistant and incorporates high definition sound thanks to the Dolby Atmos. In the event that there is a person with vision problems, you can enlarge the elements of the screen or reduce its size.

Regarding its battery, it has up to thirteen hours of autonomy and reach a full charge in five hours with the USB-C cable or 5W power adapter.

The device bill two storage options, 32 GB and 64 GB, with the possibility of adding up to 1 TB of capacity through a micro SD. On the other hand, Fire HD 8 offers unlimited hours of entertainment and exclusive multimedia content for Prime members.

the giant of electronic commerce has thought about sustainability when designing the tablet, because reduce carbon footprint and its packaging is made up of 95% wood fiber-based materials from responsibly managed forests or recycled sources.

Other novelties is the addition of VoiceView screen readerscreen magnifier, subtitles, font size, high contrast text, color inversion along with color correction, and conversion sound stereo to mono.

Fire HD 8
Fire HD 8

If you are interested in Fire HD 8, you can access the following links to purchase it. tablets in black:

  • Fire HD 8 with 32 GB with advertising: 114.99 euros in this link.
  • Fire HD 8 with 32 GB ad-free: 129.99 euros in this link.
  • Fire HD 8 with 64 GB with advertising: 144.99 euros in this link.
  • Fire HD 8 with 64 GB ad-free: 159.99 euros in this link.

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