“The time will come when we say: ‘Cristiano, stay'”

Patrice Evra, former Manchester United playerwanted to value the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo in some statements collected by DailyMail. The Frenchman was very sure about the importance of the Portuguese, even assuming a somewhat more secondary role: “I understand Cristiano Ronaldo’s frustration.but Ten Hag said: ‘I will start a new era, Ronaldo is still in my plans.’ Perhaps Manchester United have to suffer right now and need other players, but they will always need Cristiano Ronaldo. Trust me. “

In addition, he raised the possible scenario of the Madeira’s departure from the ‘Red Devils’ and “requested” an exchange of positions between player and coach: “The time will come when we will tell him ‘Cristiano, please stay’. I am convinced of it. I think Ten Hag and Ronaldo need to have an honest discussion if they haven’t already. Everything that is happening is logical.”

Cristiano has scored a goal in the eight official matches he has played so far and is not the undisputed starter. A reborn Marcus Rashford has eaten his toast. It remains to be seen if the Funchal striker will be able to reverse the situation a little less than two months before the start of the World Cup in Qatar.

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