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The Galaxy Z Flip4 from Samsung Electronics is changing the script for mobile experiences, packing more of what makes foldable devices great into a compact foldable design to deliver the most unique device experiences yet.

By allowing you to set up shots at any angle, the Z Flip4’s FlexCam lets you truly live and create hands-free. You can also take advantage of Quick Shot to capture moments and selfie without opening your phone, or start a video in Quick Shot and transition to FlexCam seamlessly. The Z Flip4’s improved cameras and brighter sensor bring every scene to life in vivid color – whenever and wherever they happen.

Personalization on the Z Flip4 is unlike any other device, offering Cover Screen layouts and features that pair with all your devices. The redesigned Z Flip4 also gives you a more comfortable grip on your smartphone, with the slimmer, sharper hinge and straight edges offering a refined look that seamlessly matches its four iconic shade options: Graphite, Pink Gold, Blue and iconic Bora Purple.

To learn more about the Z Flip4, the ultimate self-expression tool, check out the infographic below.

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