the UN will make sense for Cuba when a president elected by the people speaks

Cuban Yotuel Romero has spent more than three decades dedicating himself body and soul to music, his great passion. Hip-hop fans both inside and outside of his home island knew him, but Romero was virtually unknown to the general public, especially the older generation.

all that changed on July 11, 2021, when thousands of Cubans defied the Government of President Miguel Díaz-Canel and took to the streets en masse to ask for better living conditions and freedom for the people. His song “Patria y Vida” ended up becoming a hymn for the Cuban population.

“I think that ‘Patria y Vida’ united an entire exile for the first time in history,” the Cuban artist said with satisfaction in statements to the voice of america In New York. In his opinion, the Cuban exile community “has sailed towards freedom from different ships, but all with different flags: some saying ‘down with the dictatorship,’ others ‘Down with Diaz-Canel,’ others ‘Down with the Castros,'” and that has that for many years there was not that unity that, according to Yotuel Romero, he has achieved with his political activism through art.

The singer, who now lives in Miami, Florida, has been in the Big Apple these days presenting a Cubavera clothing line at Macy’s department store. His presence coincided with the celebration of the United Nations General Assembly, with the participation of prominent leaders and presidents from around the world. Although he admits that he would have liked to participate in a session, “it has been impossible” and he does not explain the reasons for his absence.

“I’ve been pretty close to attending. But well, a lot of things got complicated and we couldn’t”, he explained emphasizing that he “would love to be there one day and talk about Cuba”.

Regarding the possibility that this important summit of high-ranking leaders could serve to put pressure on the Government of Cuba, Yotuel Romero is suspicious.

“It will make sense when a president elected by the Cuban people in free and multiparty elections can really speak on behalf of Cuba,” said the singer, who has been denied entry to Cuba.

Commitment to the freedom of Cuba

However, he stresses that his commitment to the freedom of Cuba will last “until the last of my days” and that he will continue to promote political activism through what he knows how to do best: culture.

“I feel that I have to contribute my art to the freedom of Cuba. It is a duty for me to contribute all the blessings that life has given me in order to be the voice of Cuba and denounce the abuses that are committed there,” he assures, promising that he will “continue to do so until Cuba is free” and that “With the people, we are going to achieve it”.

Despite the distrust that may exist with the change in the Caribbean island, after more than six decades of Cuban dictatorship and with few transformations in the political future, he considers that the Internet “has played a fundamental role” in these moments and trusts that , now yes, there may be a turning point in history.

“The dictatorship is 63 years old, of which 60 years have been without the internet. When we talk about Cuba, we will have to talk about the Cuba before the Internet and the Cuba after the Internet. In Cuba before the internet, it was difficult for the population to find out about things, but with only three years of access to the networks, look at all the changes that have occurred,” he said.

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