The video of Ewan McGregor having lunch in La Rioja that went viral

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Ewan McGregor toured Latin America with Charley Boorman in a docuseries titled Long way up! which can be seen in AppleTV. As part of that journey, the 51-year-old actor visited different Argentine provinces and a few hours ago a fragment of his walk went viral on social networks in which the British artist eats stew with a very hospitable family from La Rioja.

The video was originally shared on TikTok by a user who introduces it by saying: “You are in your lost little town in Argentina and Obi Wan Kenobi falls on you at siesta time to remind you that we are good peopleLet’s never forget that, don’t make us think otherwise. May the Force be with you always.” In turn, in the video starring McGregor and Boorman it is explained: “It is 320 kilometers to the town of Belén, we will almost reach the end of the trip through Argentina“.

There both travelers appear on a motorcycle through the streets of Chilecito. Then, they comment: “We could charge the batteries here. It looks like an electronics store. However, they actually They arrived at a house where a kind couple received them and even invited them to lunch.. At this gesture, the foreigners were more than happy. In this regard, Ewan gratefully comments: “His house is behind. It’s not a store, but they let us connect. They gave us food. It was fun. And we… They don’t know us!”

One of the most curious moments of that afternoon occurs when one of the hosts identifies the British artist, but not because of his role in starwarsbut because of its role in The island, a film in which he worked in 2005 with Scarlett Johansson. At that point, Ewan jokes and comments, “He’s recognizing me! A little suspicious about my identity […] Use your instincts. Use the force”.

A few weeks ago, the official trailer for Pinocchiofilm directed by Guillermo del Toro in which McGregor participates.

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