The wages of large companies moderate their climb but rise 3%

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Salaries in large Spanish companies increased by 2.9% in June compared to the same month in 2021, a more moderate rebound than in April (5.5%) and May (3.4%), which placed the annual increase at an average of 3.5%. According to the statistics of Sales, employment and salaries published this Wednesday by the Tax agency In June, the increase in wage earners – a fiscal indicator that is assimilated to salaried employment – also moderated to 5.9%, after four consecutive months above 6.5%.

In June, the sales of large companies increased 7.6%, far from the upturns of 9.6% in May and 10.5% in April, due to the moderation in exports, which despite growing 10% lost almost half of the rate in May (19.7%). Domestic sales increased by 6.8%, mainly due to the boost in intermediate goods (7.1%), while the turnover of consumer goods grew 6.2% and that of capital, 6% -in this case, despite the strong contraction in construction, of 10.5%-.

In the first half of the year, large Spanish companies sold 7.6% more, an advance that was observed both in exports (12.4%) and in domestic sales (6.1%), since intermediate and consumption could compensate for the loss of capital before the collapse of the invoicing in construction.

The Tax Agency has also published the joint data of large companies and SMEs that are limited liability companies, which represents a total of 1.1 million companies. In the second quarter, these companies their workforces increased by 11.2% on averagesomewhat less than in the first (12.4%), and wages rose by 2.9%, somewhat more than in the first (2.3%).

Revenue increased by 11.1%, driven by both exports, which grew by 16.9%as well as by domestic sales, which rose by 9.6%, in turn sustained by the increase in sales of consumer goods (15.5%), capital (8.7%) and intermediate goods (7.7 %).


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