The Windows 11 2022 update not only has new features, it also brings problems to games, worse performance and drops in FPS

As soon as Tuesday, September 20, Microsoft released its last big update 2022 of Windows 11, which includes new features and improvements for the system, although it also seems to be accompanied by various problems for the teams, especially when it comes to gaming.

Users are reporting in different forums the conflicts they are encountering with the new build 22621.521 (KB5017321)although fortunately there is a way to solve them.

Lower performance and drop in fps, regardless of the power of the equipment

For example, on Reddit they detail that after updating there have been performance problems, both on the desktop and using the computer normally, but especially in games, since random drops from 120 to 30 fps are recorded in non-intense graphic tests the user ChopT.

He also pointed out that despite having a powerful system, Intel processor 12700K, 3080 Ti graphics card, DDR5 RAMyou have found the issues, which have not been fixed by turning off all the new software settings, and were only fixed by going back to a previous version of Windows 11.

The graphical improvements in ‘Subnautica’ that come according to Microsoft in this update

On the other hand the user Nahthe77 He also commented that his CPU usage in games had been reduced between 5 and 80%and after undoing the last update, the gaming experience was stable again.

Crenneth pointed to other issues, where he was running into a stutter when playing, even though it was a new computer with a i9-12900K processor and with a 3080 Ti graphics card, that had been updated to the new version and where despite deactivating the default system settings, the problems persisted.

So far the complaints have reached such a point that a thread already exists where similar problems are addressed within the official Microsoft forums.

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