The world of animation meets at the Cartoon Forum with Spain as the ‘guest of honor’ nation

The Cartoon Forum It is held every year in September in Toulouse, in the south of France. It is the largest European event in the animation and television series sector, in particular. For three days, producers have the opportunity to present their project to hundreds of media, investors and other potential partners from dozens of countries. Animation has become a consolidated business.

“The animation industry, in general, is no longer just culture. Really, it is a sector, an economic point of view. There are many people working in the world of animation. Nowadays, people do not realize all types of animation present in their daily lives. And what is very important is that animation is not just for children,” says Annick Maes, CEO of Cartoon, the non-profit organization that produces the event.

This year’s ‘guest of honour’ is Spain, where animation is booming; with many European or South American co-productions such as Firsts: ‘The Firsts’about those exceptional women who were pioneers in their field.

“It is worthwhile, in Cartoon Forum, to mention the importance that our sector gives to co-production. Spain has more than 30 international co-production treaties with different countries. And approximately 70% of the titles that are being produced right now in Spain, around 50 titles throughout 2022… 70% are Spanish co-productions,” says María Peña Mateos, CEO of ICEX Spain Export and Investment.

Each project is presented by the film team. ‘Magic Mission in Mexico‘ is a co-production between France, Belgium and Luxembourg, and the pilot episode has already been sold to 17 countries.

The producers’ goal is to finance a 10-episode series.

Three full days are dedicated to launches. A time that allows all the actors in the sector to meet.

One of the most original projects of this Cartoon Forum is ‘My Superhero Husband‘, awarded by Disney at the Annecy Festival; the series breaks down, with humor, the codes of the superhero and the genre.

“We’re based in Berlin. She’s Austrian, I’m American, and they’re Greek, but the effort to represent ‘Queer identity’ in animation is global. As far as we know, even here, in some kind of commercial area, ours is the only animation project with LGBTIQ+ representation,” says Glen Beaudin, co-producer of ‘My Superhero Husband’.

Another highly acclaimed project is ‘The Tern‘, made in France, which rivals the work of Americans and Japanese in animation. Since its creation in 1990, there are already 922 series that have found financing, which represents a total budget of 3,950 million euros.


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