Theater director Adonis Milan emigrates to Spain

Theater director Adonis Milan, who was in charge of the Perséfone Teatro group, announced his departure from Cuba on Monday.

“Hello, I’m in Spain, I’ve been here for almost a week. In these days I will tell what were the circumstances of my departure from the island “, Milan wrote on Facebook.

Although Milan has not yet clarified the incidents of his departure from the Island, in one of the comments made in his post, when asked if he felt happy, Milan replied “not really, so it is to be assumed that his exile is related to the constant harassment that State Security has maintained against the independent artist and the group he leads.

In a text published this Monday in the independent media Rialta MagazineAdriana Fonte valued the work of Milan as a continuation of the few attempts to make a theater in Cuba against the grain of the institutions and power.

“Sons of the self-convened production, Adonis Milan and his Persephone Theater are a reaction not only to the system that surrounds us, but to the current panorama of Cuban theater,” Fonte considered.

Due to its countercultural, iconoclastic, critical character and resistance to power, Milan’s work was uncomfortable for the institutions of the Cuban ruling party and he was a victim of repression by the regime’s political police.

In 2017, the Hermanos Saiz Association expelled Milan from its rankscensored his group and threatened the actors, after which he tried in vain to do independent theater, from inside an apartment.

In 2019, Milan was seen forced to change the tables for the audiovisualdue to the censorship he suffered from State Security.

“When the Security frustrated my Andrómaca project and threatened the actress, five days before the premiere, I realized that the theater has a work dynamic that is very easy to sabotage; so I decide to look for another work front, of creation, where I can continue doing what I love the most: directing actors and staging, ”she explained at the time.

The young artist suffered numerous arrests. In one of them, the repressive agents they threatened to shoot him in the head, and ordered him to work for them as an informantdue to his relationship with the leader of the San Isidro Movement Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara.

“They told me that if I went back there and if I did something with the flag, they were going to put me in jail. They made me sign a statement that I signed under fear and intimidation, which said that I was not going to go to the space of Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, ”he specified at the time.

In recent times, Milan had continued, despite pressure, carrying out his project Perséfone Teatro in very precarious conditions.

“Perséfone Teatro has always worked in the hole in the city, in the ruins of the city. Still, we have reinvented ourselves. I am saying that at some point the actors have had to pay out of pocket for the sets, the costumes… I have a room in my house that is a storehouse of things that I get, that I buy, that they give me: old clothes, props”, he confessed .


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