TheGrefg messes it up again: he goes over DjMaRiiO and the nets explode against the Murcian “he did it on purpose”

Here’s our weekly dose of drama, this time sponsored by TheGrefg, Usual Suspect. The Murcian (or Andorran, depending on how you look at it) streamer announced yesterday the Stream World Cup, a soccer world cup of youtubers. The event, sponsored by Adidas and with the collaboration of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, will feature the participation of 8 teams that will face each other at the Betis stadium, the Benito Villamarín, in the coming days November 19 and 20.

The World Cup sounds good, it sounds fun, it sounds entertaining, and there’s nothing wrong with it… except for the fact that matches another event. And it’s another football event and another event where streamers and content creators are involved. DjMaRiiO had announced months ago that that same November 19 would take place the first Spain against France of youtubers. A soccer game in which I wanted to bring out once again the rivalry with our neighbors and warm their snouts. And of course, the man from Madrid did not particularly like this… “coincidence”. Beware of his reaction as soon as the announcement was known.

With the forest set and the matches lit, no one was too surprised by the subsequent fire. The networks have turned to support DjMaRiiO, who had announced his event in advance and has now seen how his friend and professional colleague steps on him. People also wonder why the RFEF has not counted on the man from Madrid to make the World Cup, because it continues to be the main creator of soccer content. The bet on TheGrefg and the dates have aroused the fervor of the masses and the streamer himself has had to issue a statement to placate them after seeing each other become a worldwide Trending Topic (and they go…).

We will see how the soap opera evolves in the coming days and if, as TheGrefg’s note says, both streamers manage to find a solution so as not to compete with each other. Is it the end of another platonic friendship? will they remember that among firefighters you should not step on the hose? What Twitch brought together, Twitch (will not) tear apart.

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