TheGrefg on Ampeter’s absence from Twitch Rivals: “This is the last time he’s invited”

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Yesterday was not a good day for the Hispanic team of rust. And it is that, despite the multiple efforts, the team led by TheGrefg ended up being removed from Twitch Rivals.

The truth is that the difference in levels between the Spanish-speaking team and the others was insurmountable. “There is a huge difference between the teams and we are going to see it constantly, it is so big that it does not matter what we try, “said TheGrefg.

In addition, and although this was not going to change things, the team led by the Murcian streamer had to face a loss, that of amperewho, at that very moment, was playing Tower of Fantasy.

This, of course, did not seem to please Grefg too much: “Ampeter this is the last time you are invited to some Rust. In fact, if I ever do my Rust series, I don’t want him on my team.”

“He always does direct when people are not. He does not understand what it is to be all connected. It would not have changed anything if Ampeter had come, but the idea is to be all“, continued the Murcian.

Grefg’s words caused astonishment in the networks due to their crudeness but, equally, the thing did not get bigger and remained what it really is: a simple anecdote.


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