there are already 7 that have disappeared by surprise and it is not clear that the thing will end there

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A few days ago we found out that hbo max there was eliminated by surprise 6 original films from the platform. It soon became clear that it was a movement that was part of your new strategywhich had also led to The surprising cancellation of ‘Batgirl’. However, it does not end there, because 4 other series of his have disappeared, thus raising the total to 7as another 3 evaporated without a trace this past July.

the new casualties

The new “victims” of the restructuring of HBO Max are ‘Vinyl’, ‘Run’, ‘Mrs Fletcher’ Y ‘Camping’. And the truth is that it is difficult to understand the criteria (if there is one), since one was released in 2016, another in 2020, the next in 2019 and the last in 2018. Obviously it will not have been random, but the feeling that remains is that.

These four disappearances are added to the three Spanish series that disappeared a few weeks ago. I mean ‘no news’, ‘Foodie Love’ Y ‘By H or by B’. It draws attention to the whole case of the last one, because HBO Max he renewed it for a second season several months ago, which suggests that the new episodes could end up forgotten in a drawer.

The worst of all is that We have no sign that this is going to end here and it may be that any day we enter the platform and some other HBO original series or movie has disappeared. Nothing good can come out of this uncertainty, so let’s hope they make things clear soon.

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