These are the Migrants who Most Request Refuge in Mexico

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The Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees has recently published a statistic, in which it specifies which are the migrants who most request refuge in Mexico.

In this article you know what is refugee status in that country, how is it obtainedwhich are the migrants who request it the most and other details on the subject.

Refugee procedure in Mexico

The Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid It is in charge of conducting the policy related to refugees and their complementary protection, in addition to manage the assistance to these people from the beginning of the requestso that your rights are respected.

It is a procedure to be accepted in the country, seeking government protection so as not to be deported to the nation where the life, security, liberty or integrity of the person is in danger.

Any foreigner on Mexican soil can apply for refugee status, and must submit that request to the aforementioned commission or to the National Institute of Migration after 30 days having arrived in the country.

Processing lasts 45 daysis characterized by being confidential, guarantees non-deportation while the process lastsas well as the right to a hearing after that period in which a resolution is issued, to give an answer to the applicant, and he is told whether or not he is recognized as such.

As part of the procedure, the person apply for refugee status must:

  • Complete in your own handwriting before an authority the corresponding form where you capture personal data and make clear the facts or reasons why you emigrated.
  • Narrate the facts that led him to emigrate In an interview.
  • Contribute supporting evidence what the applicant claims.

Who are the migrants who most request refuge in Mexico?

The Cubanswith an amount of 14,056 people, rank second within the migrants requesting refuge in Mexico as registered until the month of September by the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance.

Cubans appear on the list only surpassed by Honduras with 23,146 people and followed by Haiti with 11,628.

Total Requests They add up to 8,954which also include those of citizens of Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia and other countries.

What is the advantage of obtaining refugee status in Mexico?

Be recognized as a refugee by the Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid gives the right to subsequently achieve permanent residence in that country.

In addition, when the commission accepts the application, the person benefits from a Unique Population Registry Code, which is temporary but allows the applicant to can carry out procedures as well as benefit from public services.

All asylum seekers You have the right to have a legal representativeas well as NOT being returned to their country of origin during the process.

In addition, in case of receiving a negative answer, the applicant has right to make an appealin the 15 business days after to notification.

Where are the offices of the Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid located?

The commission has various offices located in Tapachula, Palenque, TenosiqueAcayucan, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Saltillo and Monterrey.

From a migration station you can establish contact with the commissionto make the request as well, asking to be communicated with it.

If there is no office in the place where the person is, you can also go to the Immigration Regulation Offices of the National Migration Institute.

also can request more information through the following numbers phone numbers completely free:

800 226 8769 or 800 283 2718


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