These three great classic anime series can be seen on Netflix soon

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Despite the tremendous success they had at the time, some anime series have a hard time being accessible in streaming, especially if we go before 2010. Luckily, it seems that from September Netflix It will continue to increase its anime catalog with the inclusion of three very different series but with legions of fans who are sure to celebrate its arrival on the platform.

Shōnen and shōjo, to cover all fronts

‘Hunter x Hunter’ has had several adaptations to anime in the form of OVAs, movies and two series, with the most recent premiering in 2011. This series in particular was already part of the catalog of Crunchyrollbut Starting September 1, it can also be seen from Netflix.

This manga adaptation of Yoshihiro Togashi It has 148 episodes animated by mad house and follow to gon, who one day discovers that his father is not dead and that he is a great hunter. Motivated by this revelation, he too decides to start training to become one of these elite individuals who track down treasures and wondrous beasts.

Also from Madhouse comes to us ‘claymore’which although it is an adventure anime have a darker with a history of Sword and Sorcery. This 2006 anime adapts the manga by norihiro yagi and transports us to a world inhabited by humans and demons known as Yōma.

The only ones capable of detecting these creatures and eliminating them are the warriors Claymores, Named for the large swords they carry.

On your side, ‘Ouran High School Host Club’ It was a bit in that limbo of years between revered older animes and the petonic novelties of the moment, so it was having a hard time getting to streaming in Spain. East comedy shoujo is one of the star animes of the 2000s and although it has not yet been specified when it will arrive on Netflix and we have to be content with a “coming soon”, its little hole on the platform is already prepared and we can activate the alarm to find out about it. its premiere.

‘Ouran High School Host Club’ follow haruhi fujiokaa teenager studying at the prestigious and elite Ouran Academy on a scholarship and that he must work as their errand boy for the Host Club after falling into debt with them. Her androgynous appearance often causes her to be mistaken for a boy, and Haruhi turns out to have a natural talent for entertaining the club’s female patrons as just another host..

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