“They drive an F1 like a kart”

Fernando Alonso He is one of the best-regarded pilots in the Formula 1. Both his teammates on the grid and in the paddock they know the great handling he has of each single-seater he gets into. This time, the technical director of Aston-Martin has launched a comparison of Spanish with Verstappen.

Despite the fact that there are still months for Alonso to land in the British team, the good words about him are crowded. Dan Fallowstechnical director of his next team and ex of Red Bullwanted to emphasize the merit that the two pilots have when it comes to driving the cars.

“There are drivers, like Fernando and Max, who drive these cars F1 as if they were karts. I find it absolutely extraordinary that they can treat a car as sophisticated and fast as a Formula 1 in the same way that they treat a kart, but they do. It’s up to us to give them a car that they can drive like a kart,” Fallows said of how the two drive their cars on the official Aston Martin website.

Fernando Alonso at the Hungarian Grand Prix


The now technical director of Fernando Alonso’s next team knows Max Verstappen perfectly. The two have shared a team since the landing of the young Dutchman in F1. Therefore, he knows almost every detail of how the current world champion, who is about to match the Spaniard if he wins this season, returns.

“I don’t know Fernando very well, so my knowledge of his driving style is based on what others have said. He has a reputation for driving a lot based on sensations: he really likes to feel the limits of the car.” the characteristics of the next Aston Martin driver at the wheel.

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“If this is the case, we need to make sure the car platform is predictable and stable. It’s all the things we try to achieve in a car anyway, but it’s amplified with someone like Fernando,” he explained of the intention to create a racing car to the expectations of its drivers, especially Alonso.

“Verstappen is such a driver. He likes to drive cars all the time at the limit, or slightly above it, so you have to make sure that the car behaves correctly in those conditions, at the absolute limit. I understand that Fernando It will be very similar,” he concluded about the comparisons between the two.

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Notice of your next boss

Fernando Alonso arrives at Aston Martin with the role of improving what has been done so far by Sebastian Vettel. The German has not been able to show his best level and his withdrawal has opened the doors for the Spanish. A priori, he arrives to lead the team’s project.

However, his next boss, mike krack, was in charge of giving Alonso a warning before his next landing in the team. “I don’t know if Fernando underestimates Lance. Clearly he is not afraid to face him in the same car or any other driver, but there is respect between them,” assured the next boss of him. Even so, Fernando will land in Aston Martin with the trajectory that supports his career in F1.


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