they have sold more mobiles than the population of Madrid and Barcelona combined

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Xiaomi does not stop adding victories. This week, after grand global launch event which took place in Munich last Tuesday, and where the Xiaomi 12T Y 12T Proamong other ecosystem products; have achieved another great milestone in India.

The company celebrated Diwali with the Indian population, a local holiday that they have taken advantage of to sell products at a lower priceas if it were a Black Friday, but exclusive to India and with Xiaomi as the protagonist.

Over 6 million devices sold

In this celebration, Xiaomi made a great campaign where many of its mobiles and ecosystem products were discounted by categories, and the campaign has not only stayed on the web, but They have also been able to take advantage of the offers in physical stores.

As the brand has communicated, during the few days that the Diwali celebration and the company’s offers have lasted, more than six million devices have been soldthe equivalent to the populations of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia combined.

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This stratospheric figure has been achieved with devices such as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11the Redmi 10 or the Redmi A1, very cheap devices in the Indian market; but also thanks to the great discounts on products such as the Xiaomi Smart TV 5A, whose price without offer does not reach 160 euros to change.

It doesn’t hurt to know that the Indian market is very similar to the Spanishsince the two countries have similar products, so it will be a matter of time before we can see a campaign of this style in Spainalthough we probably won’t break a record, since India’s population is nearly 30 times larger than that of our country.

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