They recreate “the magic” of Juan Gabriel’s legacy in “Cirque Música Querida”

Six years after the death of the Mexican singer Juan Gabriel, his music will revive on stage with the circus, dance and music show Cirque Music Deara staging endorsed by his son, Iván Aguilera, who promises to recreate “the magic” of one of the country’s most beloved composers.

“It is a huge responsibility for all of us. Artistically, when you say Juan Gabriel, you have to stand up, it is unique and unrepeatable, we know everything that it represents for culture and we aspire to honor the career of this artist in the most humble way, ”said theater producer Morris Gilbert at a press conference. .

The event that will take place on October 20 at the San Rafael Theater is made up of 30 songs from Juan Gabriel’s repertoire, which were chosen from his entire catalog after exhaustive research and consultation among people of all ages about what were the favorite topics of the public.

“It was a combination of the taste of many generations, but the range of favorite songs was incredibly wide, so it was very difficult to choose,” said Antoinette DiPietropolo, director and choreographer of the show.

For DiPietropolo, also in charge of the circus department, meeting Juan Gabriel was a real discovery, since she never imagined the love and popularity that the icon enjoyed.

“For me this show is very different from everything I have done around the world, because the music, the choreography, the dance and the circus, everything that connects it is Juan Gabriel and I am surprised because I go out into the street and listen to his songs, he is so involved in the culture, I love all the magic that happens on stage, because it is the same that happens in life with his music”, he deepened.

As detailed by Stephen Cook, president and founder of TCG Entertainment and Cirque Música, carrying out the production took about two years, and the negotiations with the son of the Mexican star, Iván Aguilera, took place in a cordial and simple way who gave them the right to use the songs that were necessary for the performance of the show.

“It was important for us to work with the best of the best, and that’s why we have Morris,” said Coo, who also explained that although a large part of the work team is Mexican, the cast is made up of people from all over the world.

As for the plot of the staging, the organizers did not want to give many details, but they did anticipate that sometimes Juan Gabriel’s voice will be heard.

“There will be surprises, it is not an imitator, it is not a fictional story either, they are vignettes, it is about this magic that it had to awaken love for life itself,” explained Martha Herrera-Lasso González, writer and playwright.

“Although there is no chronology of his compositions or his life, we start with his humblest origins and the show grows in such an extraordinary way as what Juan Gabriel did,” he added.

In principle, the show will have a single date, but according to Morris, it depends on the public that it can have a full season in the theater and revealed that the export of the concept is in his plans.

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