They train deputies for the V Legislature in Angola (+Photo)

Various issues are on the agenda of the seminar, with the purpose of homogenizing knowledge about the internal structure and functioning of the National Assembly (unicameral congress), the role of its permanent work commissions and the approval of legislative texts, among other topics.

At the opening of the meeting, the new president of the legislative body, Carolina Cerqueira, highlighted on Monday the importance of the training actions that will continue throughout the mandate, in order to increase individual and collective skills.

In the opinion of the master’s degree in Political-Legal Sciences, the dynamics of parliamentary life also require a greater approach by the academy and the literary universe of the country.

With years of experience as a deputy and in Executive positions, the official considered that one of the strengths of this Legislature is the heterogeneity of its composition, since people from different social strata, party militancy and professions are represented.

Training, he insisted, should help share a set of relevant information to provide deputies, especially new ones, with the necessary tools to improve the work of the National Assembly.

The also militant of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) called for strengthening the family and the community of parliamentarians, “without any political distinction”, sharing the common interest of achieving a “competent and assertive” exercise in the functions of deputy.

Through the general elections on August 24, the MPLA won 124 of the 220 seats, thereby securing an absolute majority in Parliament for the period 2022-2027.

Unita increased its presence by now having 90 deputies, while the Social Renovation, National Liberation Front of Angola and Humanist of Angola parties won two seats each.

The inauguration of the 220 elected officials took place on September 16, one day after the inauguration of the re-elected president, João Lourenço, and the new vice president of the Republic, Esperança Costa, who participated in the dispute at the polls as MPLA candidates. .



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