They will be delivered SHORTLY in these States

Various US states continue to send stimulus checks to their residents as a way to fight inflation.

Although the deadline to file the tax return and obtain them is near, these territories maintain the benefits for people with economic difficulties.

More specifically, the three mentioned in this article will be providing the checks to those who file their taxes before October 17.

Do you want to know what they are and what the benefits are? Keep reading the article.

Which States will deliver Aid Checks in the next few days?

three states they continue to give relief checks its residents to fight rising inflation:

  • Illinois
  • Rhode Island
  • Maine

In Illinois, residents who have filed their taxes are receiving these payments since last September 12 with amounts of up to $ 300 dollars, but those who file before the deadline on October 17 can still receive them

The taxpayers of that state also they will receive rebates of $50 if they are single and $100 if they are married couples. In addition, families with dependent children or elderly can receive up to $300 dollars.

The requirement to get the money is have an income of less than $200,000 a year or $400,000 if married.

Another state that sends checks is Rhode Island, which also helps low-income residents, who earn less than $100,000 a year.

There, those who are eligible are able to receive up to $750 in child tax refunds.

To do this, the family must have at least one child under the age of 18 in their care, both a biological child and an adopted child.

The last state is Maine, where relief checks are also sent to residents, between $850 for a regular taxpayer and $1700 dollars for an average family.

To receive it, applicants must file their taxes as permanent residents and have income of less than $100 thousand individually, $150K as head of household or $200K in married couples filing jointly.

Until the end of October, they can obtain this benefit, which may arrive in the coming weeks.

other statessuch as California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, South Carolina, and Virginia as well they work on their own programs to support their residents.


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