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Scratches and scratches are some of the difficulties that users of , since they must be paying for the maintenance of the painting of their vehicles. However, this could change with a new protective shell that regenerates itself.

It was developed by researchers at the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT). Its operation occurs with exposure to the sun for a period of at least 30 minutes.

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depending on the page there are already protective coatings that offer greater amplitude based on sheets or plastic films, however this product would go a little further due to its ability to cure.

Protective layer would regenerate on its own when exposed to the sun.  (Image: KRICT)
Protective layer would regenerate on its own when exposed to the sun. (Image: KRICT)

It is a highly durable protective resin coating with an acrylic polyol-based reversible polymer network material, as well as introducing a photothermal tint. This conditions the use of heat, as the dye absorbs infrared light from the sun and converts it into thermal energy. This is how the damaged area is slowly rebuilt.

Tests have shown that the heat generated for 30 minutes under the sun is enough to regenerate the paint. This could be done in a parking lot. This type of protector could be used in other vehicles, even in mobile devices.


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