This is how he created his career between sexual assaults

American sport is deeply marked by cases of chain sexual abuse that have featured characters as despicable as Larry Nassar. However, not only in disciplines such as swimming or gymnastics have these types of situations occurred. Also in much more media sports such as football. A discipline recognized throughout the planet and that has spent decades trying to make its way to the other side of the Atlantic.

American football has had very rough cases in recent yearsbut surely few comparable to that of Brad Evanswho could well be known as the Larry Nassar of football in USA. This coach has spent his entire career coaching first young girls and then professional teams.

However, he has built his sports career on the bench in a very frightening way. As he revealed a few months ago Guardian, he did it by hiding a series of sexual abuses. Every time he found himself in a compromising situation he changed clubs to repeat the same modus operandi.

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The fear of the victims and the complicit silence of entities and institutions, which did not want to be related to this criminal, has allowed many of his misdeeds to remain hidden and, therefore, go unpunished. Now, the aforementioned British media has revealed how this American coach managed to be able to shape his personal career while continuing to commit atrocities against girls and women whose lives he was destroying as he went.

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The modus operandi by Evans

The first steps of Brad Evans were in the University of Toledo. She remained there for several years training various women’s teams. However, she had to resign from her position when rumors began to emerge linking her figure to alleged sexual abuse. A situation, that of resignation, which was logically the least bad for him.

Brad had been reported by a woman. However, neither the University of Toledo nor the US Center for SafeSport they completed the investigation before closing a case that was left up in the air. Evans took the opportunity to kill himself before it was too late to be able to work in another entity, getting the scandal covered without the snowball being bigger. A lack of transparency that has now become a clear example of national shame and more in the case of a university center.

It was the year 2015 and the coach was in charge of a successful football program at the center when he decided to leave in exchange for the reason for his resignation being an “inappropriate relationship” with a member of the University. Despite the fact that many players and their families called for a thorough investigation so that he would have an exemplary sentence, Evans never faced criminal charges for these accusations.

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The most striking of all is that Evans managed to silence his situation in such a way that it was not difficult for him to find new jobs in the world of football. That was how he became part of the Ohio Youth Soccer Association North and of Internationals Soccer Club. Evans’ maneuver was so good that, as he admits Keri Saverwho opened the doors of the ISCnever really knew his past and therefore hired him without any remorse.

The version of an inappropriate relationship with a co-worker went so deep in public opinion and in the cliques of women’s soccer in the United States that no one suspected that Brad was the protagonist of a major sex scandal and the culprit of several serious crimes. Sarver, who is now an assistant coach for the women’s national team New Zealand preparing for the 2023 Women’s World Cupregrets the serious mistake he made at that time due to his lack of information.

Now, Sarver goes further and points to one of the institutions responsible for the fact that Brad Evans could build a career between sexual abuse. It is the US Center for SafeSport, which is in charge of working and monitoring all the coaches so that precisely this type of thing does not happen. This organization trains all technicians to maintain good social health within American sport. However, Evans managed to circumvent all his controls to continue having a place in the world of football.

Brad Evans during training at the University of Toledo

Brad Evans during training at the University of Toledo


many lives shattered

Brad Evans’ career ended last July thanks to an investigation by the media Guardian who managed to uncover everything the technician had done during his career. Especially at the University of Toledo, where it is believed that it all began. This research allowed many fathers and mothers, and their daughters, to breathe a little easier knowing that the days of danger were over.

Then, they showed their discomfort through social networks denouncing that it had to be a media outlet that was in charge of stopping that when university centers, clubs and specialized organizations had allowed all kinds of events related to the figure of Brad to take place. .

These parents claimed that many of their daughters had had to give up football because of the inappropriate treatment they received from this dangerous coach. And they cursed the fact that she also had been able to continue working after leaving the University of Toledo.

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The situation around the cases with which Evans is related continues to be a source of conflict. For this reason, many people who admit mistakes and guilt in the movements between clubs that he made do not dare to come forward publicly for fear of the professional and personal repercussions that may occur within the American soccer community. From the Ohio Youth Soccer Association North errors related to the arrival of the coach are recognized.

In fact, unofficially it is assumed that the stories related to the abuse of Evans were known, but that they preferred to look the other way, alluding to “juvenile inventions”. In fact, the few who dared to question his decisions were silenced. If the situation at the University of Toledo caused by the coach was very complicated, what happened at the Ohio Youth Soccer Association North and which later became the Ohio Soccer Association (OSA) ended up being even more so.

There, Evans ran the Olympic Development Program and he was collecting one accusation of abuse after another until he had a total of six behind him. However, he was not removed from his post until the British media investigation was brought to light. Until that moment, the official version was maintained that there was no record of the usual practices carried out by Evans.

He ended up being dismissed on July 29, 2022 and since then all his passage through the different entities through which he has passed in these years has been erased. Now, the accusations are under the jurisdiction of the Sports Safety Center that you must complete the investigations that were not done at the time.

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michelle sandorwho played under Evans on the Ashfield University, in Ohio, from 1996 to 2000, assures that the technician’s behavior and conduct have always been known, but that nobody understands why he has been allowed to resign and leave the places where he has had problems in order to continue his career in other places. Although, as he admits, it is surely to be able to clean as much as possible the image of all the institutions through which he has passed.

Entrance wall University of Toledo

Entrance wall University of Toledo


The role of the US Center for SafeSport

This institution was created in 2017 to investigate and highlight issues related to sexual abuse and other misconduct in Olympic and Paralympic sports. The Brad Evans case was one of the first big studies he had to do. However, they decided to terminate it prematurely without warning of the situations that had been denounced.

Already in the year 2019, they received a complete report of the trajectory that this computer had carried out, which had been constantly pursued by cases of sexual abuse without being fully splashed by any of them. But they decided that this was not the time to continue the investigation either. The situation became so serious that SafeSport was aware of an allegation against Evans, but the agency chose not to investigate it and passed it over even though he had been reported for former University of Toledo assistant coach candice fabry.

This coach was cornered in an incredible situation since every time she provided information about Brad Evans, all the agencies involved told her that they needed something else to be able to open an investigation. She was never enough, she always needed one more case, one more victim. Something that made her desperate because she understood that the technician was never going to face the seriousness of her actions. At the same time, Fabry knew that everyone, and especially Evans, knew that she was behind the campaign that was trying to smear him and make him pay for his actions.

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In relation to the information provided Guardian during all these months with the trajectory of this coach, an investigation of abcnews this same course has proven how the current system allows suspected serial abusers to return to their sports with little public notice.

This is the full responsibility of the US Center for SafeSport, It has undermined the faith of dozens of athletes in those who have to defend them from these situations and in the work of the institution. Nobody believes in its effectiveness and that means that more and more guys like Larry Nassar or Brad Evans can roam freely in American sports. Now, Evans has been included since July on a “temporary suspension” list waiting for his situation to be resolved in the hope that he can pay for all his misdeeds.


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