This is how your car’s air filter works

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Without a doubt, the air filter is considered as the most essential car maintenance item, next to the oil. The low cost makes changing this component a routine for any type of pocket. Specifically, it retains the impurities that can enter the engine intake. In this way, the internal parts of the mechanics (cylinder wall, piston liner, among others) are prevented from degrading by contaminating the mixture of impurities, such as pollen or dust. So this is why filters are placed at the input of the circuit. That is why it is so important to carry out a correct conservation.

In summary, for most vehicles the pleated paper air filter is used as it is very cheap to replace. But we should know that there are different types, such as conical, cotton and rotary air filters. For example, the first piece is used in serious preparations because thanks to the increase in flow and other modifications, a higher wind input is achieved. However, if we place it in a series car, and even in some sports cars (a Ferrari F430 has 2 paper filters) it would not provide anything more than a somewhat harsher noise and several problems with the ITV. Next, we will show you a video so that you understand how this object works.

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