This is the imposing version of this pick up to fight against the Toyota Hilux

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It is a new alternative that offers a historical pickup of the one-ton segment. I know all the details.

To keep your product current in one of the most competitive segments of the market, Mitsubishi presented in Malaysia a new version for its historic medium pick up, the L200. It is that currently, it is a vehicle that was outdated compared to its segment rivals, which were recently completely renewed, as in the case of the Ford Ranger.

Pick-up Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus Edition front

To calm anxiety before the arrival of the future generation, of which there are already sketches, the Japanese brand decided in some markets to develop a variant with aesthetic differences, both outside and inside, and thus give a breath of freshness to the range of your medium pick up. Thus was born the Mitsubishi Triton (denomination given to the pick up in some Asian markets) Phantom Plus Edition.

If we talk about the exterior design, the pick up receives a ‘body kit’ that prints more aggressiveness to the body seen from any angle. In the nose, the moldings on the front bumper stand out, added to the presence of several red details in the lower sector..

Pick-up Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus Edition trunk

For its part, on the roof it has a specific molding integrated into the luggage rack, which includes the presence of two depth lights with LED technology. Viewed from the side, the fenders add fenders for a more aggressive design, which in turn is supported by the 18-inch alloy wheels with a specific design.

Lastly, in the box sector, this version of the Japanese pick-up incorporates a bar with a more sporty and aerodynamic appearance, but that does not clash with the exterior design proposal. Further back, the cargo box has the name of this special variant stamped on the sheet metal, and the red finishes appear again on the bumper to match the nose.

Pick-up Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus Edition rear

Indoors, the changes are more subtle and go through the incorporation of the logo of this version in the front headrests. For its part, the carpets have the name of this special variant engraved, as well as visible red seams on the upholstery to give a differential touch to the entire interior.

Under the hood no mechanical changes were announced in this pick up. There we found an engine 2.4-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel delivering almost 180 hp and 430 Nm of torque. What this Mitsubishi does add are tires with a specific tread for off road, with which it has better capabilities when it comes to getting out of the way. In this sense, we must also highlight the efficiency of the 4×4 drive system, one of the main virtues of the L200 in any of its alternatives.

Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus Edition engine pickup

With regard to equipment, this version should maintain the equipment that we can find at the top of the range, although in this sense it adds a 9-inch multimedia center that offers multiple android auto and carplay connections. In turn, the gate has an assistance system to facilitate its opening.

Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus Edition pickup action Pick-up Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus Edition rim Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus Edition pickup interior Pick-up Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus Edition seats Pick-up Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus Edition rear seats

This is the Mitsubishi L200 that is sold in Argentina

It should be noted that this version of Mitsubishi’s medium pickup is based on the same generation of the L200 that we know in Argentina, that actually (like all imported vehicles) it is affected by the lack of inputs to import and that is why perhaps not so many units are seen.

mitsubishi L200 front

In addition, the range is limited to a single version that is marketed with manual or automatic transmission. In mechanical terms we find the impeller already mentioned, a 2.4 with 180 hp and 440 Nm of torque, while the manual and automatic gearboxes are five-speed in both cases.

The Mitsubishi L200 knew how to be one of the benchmarks when it comes to off-road capabilities, with proven credentials when it comes to getting off the road and into difficult terrain. Logically, its origin outside the zone condice it to obtain volume and for that reason it never managed to approach in sales its rivals manufactured in Argentina such as Hilux, Ranger and Amarok.

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