this is the long-awaited campaign

      With the firm objective of capturing the attention of new generations and showing a renewed and current image, Desigual has launched the campaign for the fall 2022 collection in black and white, something unprecedented for the Spanish house in its four decades of history, always linked to its colorful aesthetic. A “way of sincerely undressing and presenting yourself again”, always maintaining the creative identity and originality that define the firm, which has a renowned protagonist, the interpreter Nathy Peluso.

      As the Spanish firm revealed just a few weeks ago, the 27-year-old singer is the new image of Desigual for this campaign that aims to revolutionize the sector in the face of this imminent autumn/winter 2022 season.

      Unequal Courtesy

      unequal courtesy

      Unequal Courtesy

      The image captured under the lens of the photographer Txema Yesté who announced the news to the public foreshadowed that we were facing a launch in which the strength and overwhelming personality of Peluso They would be very present. The video directed by Pau López (Manson) that has finally seen the light together with the clothing and accessories collection only confirms that we were not wrong.

      Wearing only tight black tights and heels or showing off her spectacular figure in a jumpsuit with a plunging neckline, Peluso focuses all eyes on a video in which the new handbagsall of them with striking geometric shapes, manage to be decisive.

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      The collection that has just landed on the Desigual website, the September 21stcoinciding with the beginning of autumn, merges the art and personality of Peluso with the defined values ​​that have made the Spanish firm grow over the last forty years: creativity, power, strength…

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