this is this new RTS from those responsible for Ghostrunner

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Real-time strategy hasn’t had a good time for years. Although we have very interesting bets that bring classic IPs like Age of Empires 4 either Company of Heroes 3not counting the most recent Cartel Tycoon or Starship Troopers: Terran Command; the genre does not detach itself from the most classic. And if we talk about classic, eye to Tempest Rising announced today at the THQ Nordic event.

The European publisher has sponsored the Slipgate Ironworks studio, responsible, among others, for ghostrunner, Daymare either Ancestors Legacy —although they have worked side by side with the main studios that sign these projects—, and now he brings us this RTS clearly inspired in those classics from the 90s and 2000s. Tempest Rising is classic to the core, and its first look makes its intentions clear.

We are talking about a strategy set on planet Earth, although with an alternative war that has shaken the foundations of our home. The neat mix of references and games, from Age of Empires through Command and Conqueris clear and concise, but the Danish study does not hide.

We will build bases and defend them from enemy attack on large maps and with up to 3 factions to choose in 2 individual campaigns. But do you want to play with friends? Tempest Rising offers us the possibility of playing in cooperative missions and even PvP battles to measure ourselves with the rival in a duel to the death. At the moment, we do not know how many players will be able to play on their online servers and, most importantly, what their release date.

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