This is what Yharnam (Bloodborne) looks like in Minecraft, thanks to a tremendous recreation

Perhaps one day the day will come when we stop enjoying elaborate recreations in Minecraftbut while the players of the game of Mojang keep showing your imagination, that day seems to be far away. The last one that we can enjoy is completely spectacular, and it is neither more nor less than Yharnam, the famous Gothic city where it takes place Bloodborne.

One of the most detailed recreations seen lately

The PS4 exclusive by Software proves to be once again one of the most beloved games by Miyazaki and company, far from being the first fan project that inspires, after that funny demake. Now it has been the user Potomy who has shared his work on Reddit with this recreation of the extremely popular construction game. The detail of the original scenario has made this work especially laborious, as shown by the figures published by this player.

Each little building took him hours to complete, and in this post It can be seen in detail from various angles. All this taking into account that Potomy is considered a veteran in this construction of well-known environments in Minecraft, which seems like a completely titanic task for anyone with less experience. In the same way, we can quietly enjoy in this video that he himself has published of the vision of the Iosefka Clinicalthough there are other scenarios in his channel, such as the clock tower Astral wave Yahar’gul Chapel.

On the other hand, this popularity of Bloodborne does not seem to have made Sony consider bringing it to PC, much less developing a sequel, since From Software has insisted on occasions that it does not depend directly on them.

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