this is Xiaomi Pilot technology, the AI ​​of its autonomous cars

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As you read these lines inside the Xiaomi laboratories they outline the latest details of the xiaomi electric cara vehicle that we have already seen some images in motion and that, they assure, It will be ready by the end of 2024.

A great team made up of more than 500 experts to promote the R&D department and an injection of 500 million euros (3.3 million yuan) of investment in the initial stage is the capital that Xiaomi has dedicated to make this dream come true. Xiaomi’s car will be an autonomous vehicle that hopes to stand out from the rest for its sophisticated algorithms and its ability to deal with all kinds of circumstances and use and driving scenarios.

Lei Jun is satisfied with the Xiaomi Pilot

We have already discussed on several occasions: The CEO of the company, Lei Jun, is fully focused on this new project. And he is very satisfied seeing how it progresses.

Not in vain at the beginning of the year a transformation was carried out in the company’s organizational scheme, in order to culminate in this project of “precise, safe, intelligent and fluid driving in different conditions”.

In fact, it is expected that by the end of 2022 there will already be more than 600 people on the workforce. 600 AI experts from other well-known companies in the sector to cover the different stages of development and technical areas such as the sensor department, chip programming and implementation, algorithms, simulation, tool chain, data platform and others.

Xiaomi also boasts other figures, the academic ones: this great team is led by a table of 50 professionals from the automotive industry. And to them we must add that more than 70% of the members involved have master’s or doctoral degrees.

Top 140 with Xiaomi Pilot

Currently, many of the resources from the various mobile departments are also servicing the engine team. For example, XiaoAi AI Assistant team works in parallel so that the car of the future can be fully controlled by commands.

The camera lab and the Xiaomi AI Lab are also working closely and jointly developing tools.

Xiaomi Self Driving Car

The first batch of intelligent vehicles that will mount the Alpha version of Xiaomi Pilot will be made up of 140 test cars, which will challenge the limits of this developing technology and circulate throughout the country. Two of them are actually doing it right now.

And it is clear that the Xiaomi Pilot will be much more than an ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), the usual set of systems that provide automated functions such as braking control, vehicle steering and others. The dozens of sensors, radars and lidar of the Xiaomi electric car are expected to be capable of interpreting risk situations in hundredths of a second.

1366 2000

Beyond the energy transition, Shendong also stands out for being a pioneer company in the development and production of load cells with several records in their miniaturization, despite the fact that Xiaomi’s electric car batteries will most likely be based on in lithium ion cells.

To speed up and boost production, the well-known Shendong Technology has been 100% acquired by Xiaomi. This company has stood out for its zero-emission hydrogen-based combustion vehicles and has developed several alliances and agreements with the Chinese government and the Ministry of Science and Technology, in order to achieve total carbon neutrality before 2060.

Despite the obstacles that the Chinese government is putting in terms of licensing, Xiaomi wants its electric vehicle powered by the brain of Xiaomi Pilot to be a pioneer, a leading car in terms of AI, energy consumption and safetythe key element when we talk about an intelligent vehicle.

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