This PC fits in your hand and costs less than €170 on Amazon

Not all of us have a large work or study space to place a computer tower, unfortunately. But technology has advanced so much that it is now possible to have a desktop PC that occupies even less space than a laptop. And this brings a lot of advantages!

First, the space saver itself, which is already important! But, in addition, it will allow you transport it easily anywhere. If you travel often, or if you have to move from time to time, you can take your desktop with you without much problem. What’s more: if you have a display at home and one at the office, you can take your pc as if it were a laptop. It will occupy practically the same! The model that we bring today is MINI FORUMand it has a price that will conquer you from the first moment.

A Mini PC with Windows 10

This Mini PC that we bring is so compact that it will fit in one hand. It weighs only 250 grams, and has a thickness of 30mm, so it is suitable for any type of trip. And for small desks! But don’t be fooled by its size, because it is very robustcapable of withstanding any type of blow.

To level internal, we are talking about a PC designed for simple, everyday tasks. Count with one Intel Celeron N4020 processor that will allow you to work and carry out any office automation task. In addition, it is also an excellent option for those who study and must be constantly looking for information. To this we must add that it has a 4GB RAM, and offers a storage capacity of 64GB.

The connectivity It will not be a problem with this computer, despite the fact that Mini PCs are usually scarce in this regard. It has an HDMI video and audio output, it has a WiFi connection, it has a 3.5 mm audio jack and different USB ports.

Apply the discount coupon on your purchase

When you see the versatility of this type of computer, you won’t want to go back! you won’t have one screen of a specific size, as it happens with laptops, but you can use the monitor that you consider appropriate. And, despite everything, it opens the doors to being able to travel much more easily than with a usual desktop.

This Mini PC has an added advantage, and that is that it has a great fluency. This will allow you to use it for very different activities and always get the most out of it.

It is one of the best alternatives that you will find right now on Amazon, especially at the price it has. not only because it costs €165but because you will find a discount coupon that you can apply in your purchase. To do this, you will only have to click on the ‘Apply coupon’ section indicated by Amazon. And by €150 you will have a desktop computer!

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