This Porsche system electrically adjusts the light that enters through the glass roof of cars

In the quest to offer the highest level of comfort, day after day, car manufacturers develop innovations that seek to be a differentiator from the competition. For the most part, it is the luxury car brands that are more focused on developing technologies that, over time, appear on volume brand models.

One of the car brands that constantly create technologies focused on passenger comfort is Porsche. This company that belongs to the Volkswagen Group recently created the Sunshine Control system that, through electrically adjustable liquid crystals, adjusts the light entering the interior through the panoramic roof.

What advantages does this roof have?

Released in the Taycan, this device imposed on the glass roof is matt white on the outside, which means that less heat passes through. But once in operation, it works like a translucent blind that allows you to modify the amount of exterior light that enters the cabin.

If desired, from the touch screen you can adjust the light input in three levels: “Bold” (60 percent opacity), “Semi” (40 percent) and “Clear”, that allows light to pass completely. By means of the memory function it is possible to select the last used setting as the default.


Likewise, this Sunshine Control roof, which is currently available as an option on all versions of the Taycan, can adjust the transparency of the roof from front to back, like a blind. As if it were a real blind, the effect of this system is immediate: On the one hand, when it is hot, the wind chill and the actual temperature at head height are considerably reduced with the most opaque mode.

In contrast, the Low-E layer eliminates the cold sensation experienced near glass surfaces. In generall, this ceiling is more efficient than a blind, but much more versatile, and all this with less than 20 watts of energy consumption.

In a test lab simulating heating for 45 minutes in the summer sun, head-height temperatures remained 9 degrees Celsius lower than with the best available shade. Also, In its transparent state, the Taycan’s panoramic roof lets much more light into the cabin than previously available tinted roofs.

With these benefits, the panoramic sunroof with Sunshine Control makes the sunblind, which restricts headroom, superfluous. Also, it is also more effective at insulating against heat.

How does it work?

For its operation, the system contains a polymer matrix with an extremely thin, electrically conductive layer on each side (indium tin oxide). When there is no electrical tension between these two layers, the matrix is ​​dull; when there is, the liquid crystals reorganize and let light through.


On each side of this core there is a security film and a layer of glass, so that the outer one reflects the heat of the sun thanks to the silver coating and the inner one exerts an insulating effect.. These conductive layers are distributed in nine segments by virtually invisible laser cuts.

In addition to light…

There are still two other advantages: Composite glass is much lighter than a comparable single-layer glass roof, and its sound insulation is especially good in the frequency range of music and the human voice. Therefore, Annoying noises stay outside and comfort in the cabin increases.

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