This small studio has all the luxury of a hotel suite

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In this refined little studio, which one would think to be more of a hotel room, one is almost surprised, opening a closet, to find a pair of tennis shoes—which seem to be worn regularly—next to a row of shirts on their hangers. The mistake is understandable, since, in effect, the luxurious space is the pied-à-terre of a Belgian couple, owners of fashion boutiques in Antwerp, often driven by their business in Paris. One day they decided they needed to have a place of their own where they could leave their clothes and personal belongings between their visits. After buying a small studio of 30 square meters and two rooms, they asked Belgian architect Glenn Sestig to transform it for them.

Inspired by his client’s passion for his boat, an all-wood sailboat, Glenn Sestig imagined dressing the space with a very contemporary, smooth and pure American walnut woodwork, which hides all the somewhat “technical” functions of the suite roomfrom the kitchen to the storage. This was a challenge since it was necessary to adapt everywhere to the irregularities of the original walls, to the last centimeter. On the side with the windows, facing the street, the carpentry is interrupted and the space seems to grow around the fireplace and the desk area, in front of the sofa. On the opposite side, a bathroom in marble and smoked mirror can allow itself, thanks to its sophistication, to open up to the main room. Thus, in ten steps, from the bathroom to the living room, we have covered the entire space of a real house.

Christophe Theurer.

In the living room, all the walls and cabinets are finished in American walnut. Glenn Sestig built on the idea that “The use of a single material rests the eye and gives space to a place.” The cabinet doors, which open 180° so as not to impede circulation, hide all the necessities of life inside: the kitchen, the bedding (Yves Delorme) and the clothes. Its custom-designed handles and frames are made of bronze.


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