This SPC ebook will save you hundreds of dollars

Paper books continue going up in price, unfortunately for all those who are readers. It is difficult to find books that cost less than €20 if you are looking for the hardcover edition, and there are even some that exceed the €30. This is due, above all, to the inflation that we are experiencing at the moment. Producing books is becoming more and more expensive, and that means that the object itself ends up becoming more expensive.

However, the digital books They are priced much lower. By less than €9 you can buy practically any title, and you will even find many for €4 or €5. In other words, for the price of a physical book you can buy, at least, two or three digital titles. It is a saving that is worth it and that you will notice in the long term!

The most discounted electronic book of El Corte Inglés

Within the panorama of current eReaders, the brand of SPC It is one of the most recommended you will find. It is a Spanish firm that has been in the technology market for many years. The model that we bring today is the SPC Dickens Light 2 6-inch, one of the best known. Besides, it’s heavily discounted in the English Court!

It has a compact screen and, despite everything, it is of very good quality. Dispose of backlight with six intensity levels, thus allowing you to choose the one that best suits each moment. It will be as if you were reading directly on paper, although with the savings that an eBook entails.

Furthermore, it is totally anti-glare. This will prevent your eyes from getting tired in the long run, and you can enjoy hours and hours of reading without interruptions.

Don’t worry about him size from the screen. Within the e-book settings, you will be able to choose between nine different font sizes. If you have vision problems, you can always enlarge the font until it is comfortable for you to read.

Your entire library in just 168 grams

This eReader has a storage capacity of 8GB, so you will never have space problems. All your books will always be with you, and on a device just 168 grams! If you keep it in your backpack or bag, you will hardly notice that you have it on you. This is also helped by the fact that it is very thin, since the thickness is only 8 mm.

It hides inside a large number of functions that will make your reading more pleasant. For example, it has a dictionary so you can carry out all your queries. It will also allow you search for words, insert bookmarks, change the page in different ways… They are all advantages! As for the compatibilitiesyou should know that it accepts texts in PDF, EPUB, TXT, FB2, MOBI, HTLM and DOC formats.

Normally, it is around the €120. But at El Corte Inglés they are on sale right now, and it can be yours for only €94.95. Do not lose this chance!

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