This wild and underrated Predator movie is even more faithful to the spirit of the original and you can see it on Disney+

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It was to be expected that a film like ‘Predator: The Prey‘ raised certain scales for putting a woman in front of the iconic alien hunter, above all belonging to the Comanche tribe. Beyond those wounded sensibilities, the prequel is finding some acceptance for its “back to the roots” with a more elemental and survival horror, playing a primary action that feels very grateful in times of sequences heavily recharged in effects.

That return to instinct and cunning when presenting battle against the enemy is fair one of the things that connects her to the spirit of the original ‘Predator’. Even so, it cannot be denied that he has renounced many distinguishable aspects of that original film, such as that exaltation of the spirit of camaraderie, the unleashed and even incorrect sense of humor, or the military savagery of the action. Things that Shane Black did know how to rescue in his misunderstood sequel ‘predator‘, also available for watch on Disney+.

Black isn’t exactly a stranger to Predator history. He was part of the cast of the original film as Private Hawkins and even did screenwriting work on the set, especially to spice up the dialogues -especially with jokes-. Beyond that, as a screenwriter he has helped define a specific model of action and comedy film through ‘Lethal Weapon’ or ‘The Last Great Hero’, and as a director he has further polished it with the fabulous ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ‘, ‘Two good guys’ or the also misunderstood ‘Iron Man 3’.

His ‘Predator’ also manages to be another stupendous combo of old-school action and comedy, as violent and wild as it is far-fetched. A black humor that he also cleverly uses to create a sense of camaraderie among the soldiers who face the predator, as well as touching on psychological aspects such as his post-traumatic stress. Those touches make it a really appreciable film, which picks up some of the best key aspects of the original but update them wisely. Also hooliganism, one that seems an anomaly in the neat and proper Hollywood we now have.

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