this will be the new OnePlus smart watch

OnePlus is not new to smartwatches. Last year they launched the one plus watch, an interesting alternative with a more than careful designa good screen and a somewhat basic operating system so as not to end up giving in to WearOS (and the autonomy commitments that this bet entails).

This watch came in under 160 euros, and the company is already working in an even cheaper proposal. This is the OnePlus Nord Watch, a direct rival to the adjusted price proposals of Xiaomi or Realme itself.

This will be the OnePlus Nord Watch, according to leaks

The design and specifications of this OnePlus Nord Watch have been revealed. At the level of finishes, we are facing a basic watch, with a function button and interchangeable straps. The material used is not the question remains as to whether the auction will be in aluminum (as expected) or plastic.

The panel of this OnePlus Nord Watch will have AMOLED technologywith a diagonal of 1.78 inches and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Its battery is expected to last up to 10 days, with 30 days in standby mode. It will be compatible with both iOS and Androidsince it will incorporate a OnePlus proprietary system again.

105 sports modes, heart rate measurement, blood oxygen, stress and period monitoring in women are also expected. There is no information about its price, although it should not exceed 100 euros if it wants to be a really cheap alternative to the OnePlus Watch.

It is expected to arrive in the colors blue and black and his presentation will be at the end of this monthso it would become official in India next week.

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