this will let you edit the messages you have sent

For months it has been known in Spain that WhatsApp I was working in a function to edit messages. One of the most requested by users without a doubt, and that is already found in other alternatives such as Telegram or even Apple iMessage with iOS 16. Now, WABetaInfo Has published a screenshot of how this novelty of editing messages on Android works.

[WhatsApp sigue a Telegram y Signal: así serán sus funciones para editar y difuminar fotos]

Screenshots of the edit post feature have been posted before, but in some cases they were incomplete due to Meta currently developing this feature. This new capture shows How do you get on with this novelty?

In said capture it is explained that, once an edited message has been sent, another message appears that reads the following: “You have sent an edited message. You will be able to see it if you update to the latest version of WhatsApp”. This shows how WhatsApp is working on a process that allows the app to update the message using its edited version.

whatsapp, on it

Unfortunately, not many more details are known about key aspects of this feature, such as the time limit that is set to edit the already sent message. It is also not known what signaling WhatsApp will launch to show that a post has been edited, or if it will allow the interlocutor to see previous versions of those messages, as it happens in iOS 16 and iMessage.

for now, it is impossible to send edited messages, as it is still in development. catches of WABetaInfo, covering WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp Desktop (desktop), reveal how the interface works, but users who are in the corresponding betas will not be able to edit their messages for the time being.

Edited message on WhatsApp.



These screenshots have been collected in the betas of Android, and it is not known when exactly WhatsApp will implement this change to make it accessible to all users. It is also not known when it will reach the stable versions of the apps, something i know it could take several months.

The function of editing messages is something already common in other applications, such as Telegram or Discord. As the months go by, more and more information appears in the successive betas of WhatsApp, so it is a sign that Meta is still actively working on the possibility of users being able to edit their messages. Now it remains to be seen what security measures this feature will include.

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