TikTok bets on its new internal search model

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TikTok is testing a new feature that improves searches. this novelty highlights keywords in comments and links to search results for the termIt also allows you to discover content and trends.

TechCrunch notes that “the function is currently available to a small group of users that are part of a limited test”, however, said medium contacted the apps but could not obtain information about it.

Younger users turn to Instagram and TikTok to search for information because they show short and relevant videos based on what they are looking for. But if TikTok wants to position itself as a search engine, you will need to ensure that the results are of quality (not just popular).

TikTok and Ticketmaster

The new keywords feature could change the way the platform works, because creators can include keywords in their posts so that the content reaches more viewers.

TikTok is testing an internal search model that keeps users on their app while still satisfying search needs.

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