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TikTok launches a new function and application and the truth is that it seems that it has wanted to take the essence of the already successful social network, BeReal.

We currently live in a world surrounded and presided over by social networks with some like TikTok at the head, which are already being used even as a means of information in video of what happens around us, something that we already know is really dangerous.

And it is that, in addition, they do not stop in bringing out news to satisfy their users. Now TikTok has launched a new feature that is basically a copy of BeReal, the popular French social app.

The naturalness and immediacy of taking photos anywhere, wherever you are, is what has made BeReal famous, however, that TikTok he knows it and it seems that he wants to copy them with TikTok Now.

Basically you will live, as indicated from the platform, “a daily photo and video experience of the people who matter most”. You will also receive a daily reminder to capture a 10-second video or photo to share what you’re doing.

As if that were not enough, the application of video quintessential, a week after this new feature premiered, launched the feature as a standalone mobile app in global markets outside of the USAmainly on iOS.

How BeReal works, the app for those who hate posturing

Its operation is frankly simple and it is triumphing in USA. BeReal sends users a prompt at a random time each day, urging them to take a photo and send it to their friends. You only have two minutes to answer and a collage of two images is captured from your front and rear cameras. It describes itself as “the apps easier to share photos.

The really fun basis of this social network is that time, being limited, will really show how its users are at that moment: at the doctor, lying in bed, working…all in a natural way and without prior preparation. Perhaps that is where this morbidity lies to know what the rest is doing.

One aspect to highlight is that, although the time is random, it is the same for all users, otherwise it would not be funny at all. Of course there are no filters or image editing here.

As you can see, it has little to do with TikTok in its origin, although this new function of course, is a sticker of this successful social network.

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