TikTok launches a new tool

TikTok seeks to compete with its main opponent and launches an app to fight the market with similar characteristics.; Will users like it?

The TikTok new feature It is designed to take snapshots of everyday life. That is why this new tool resembles BeReaheone of the most popular applications of the moment.

In this sense, and in order not to lose followers, TikTok will launch a new tool that will allow us to share videos to our circle of friends and family.

With the new functionality it will be possible to record through the rear camera and in selfie mode at the same time.

The recent function, as in BeReal, is designed to be able to portray moments of everyday life and share it with the people we choose.

To do this, TikTok activated with Now a different way of sharing videos, which will be shown only to our intimate environment of friends, acquaintances or family.

How will it work?

The app will send a notification when it’s time to record a video, which will have a maximum length of 10 seconds.

TikTok tests new features

At that time, users must record and show what they are doing.

For now, TikTokNow is available only in USAalthough it is expected that it will soon be extended to all countries.

The main function of BeReal It consists of users uploading a daily photo from two perspectives: those of the front lens and the rear.

At the end of last July, Instagram followed in the footsteps of the French app and launched Dual functionality.

This app also allows you to take photos or videos from the front and rear lenses of a mobile device simultaneously.

Be Real The threat of tik tok?

The new social network is proposed as the opposite of Instagram, with a challenging motto: “If you want to be an ‘influencer’, you can stay on TikTok and on Instagram.”

Alan and Alex Stokes TikTokAlan and Alex Stokes on TikTok that does not want to lose its validity

Alan and Alex Stokes TikTokAlan and Alex Stokes on TikTok that does not want to lose its validity

The furor application aims to get its users to upload several photos a day without any type of filter, which are accused of damaging mental health, especially of adolescents.

BeReal will send you a notification when it’s time to send content through the message “It’s time to get real.”

At that time you will have only two minutes to upload a photo of what you are doing. An important fact is that the application does not allow access to the gallery to display images.


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