To make them feel like Din Djarin: A new Tamagotchi model will allow them to take care of Grogu

At this point it is very difficult to remember the first days after the premiere of The Mandalorian where “Baby Yoda” merchandise was a rare commodity, and on the eve of the debut of the third cycle of the series there are all kinds of items with the face of the creature we now know as grog.

In fact, apart from the inevitable toys, collectibles and clothing items with the character’s face, you can currently find on the market everything from waffle makers and watch straps to pot holders for Din Djarin’s little friend.

Thus, while everything indicates that the popularity of Grogu will continue, Bandai Namco announced a new (and somewhat expected) product inspired by “Baby Yoda”: A Tamagotchi.

Just as Din Djarin must take care of Grogu throughout from The Mandalorianthis new edition of the popular virtual pet will invite you to spend your day worrying about the well-being of “Baby Yoda” so although you will have to feed him with squid soup and macaroni, you also have to be careful not to give him too much squid soup because if so, “the squid will jump on it.”

Previously Bandai Namco had already released a Tamagotchi of starwars focused on R2-D2 and his other recent collaborations include Evangelion Y demon slayer.

According to adGrogu’s Tamagotchi will have 12 different appearances for the central character, as well as various mini-games and special guests that will appear every hour.

Grogu’s Tamagotchi will be available through Amazon on a date that has not yet been specified and will be available in two models, including one with a removable silicone cover with the character’s face.

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