today’s chapter friday september 23

      Sermin’s attempts to gain control of the Yaman estate ended up tiring Saniye in the chapter of bitter land. Both women had a small “accident”, which ended with Sermin suffering a severe bruise on one of his legs. If he wanted the wound to heal well, he should use a crutch to walk and rest as much as he could in bitter land.

      However, it would not be easy, because in just a couple of days, one of the biggest events of the year would take place at the Yaman farm: the circumcision of the children of the mudflats, promoted by Hakan.

      Lütfiye helped Züleyha as much as she could, who was overwhelmed with work at the company and the exhaustive search for Demir. Fikret, following a lead that later turned out to be false, traveled to Syria, since everything seemed to indicate that his brother was hiding there. However, his disappointment was total when he found out that it was all a hoax: “Who wants to see us suffer like this?”

      On the other hand, Lütfiye was walking through the village and overheard a conversation between Füsün and other Çukurova residents in which they criticized the fact that the lady, Fekeli and Fikret continued to live on the Yaman estate: «It seems that they want to gain control of the fortune of the missing Demir. Devastated, the woman told Ali Rahmet what she heard and asked him to find a house to move in as soon as possible.

      The day of the circumcision at the Yaman farm

      The next day, the long-awaited festival of the circumcision was celebrated. Mehmet appeared as one of Züleyha’s star guests. The press even takes photos of them together. The event turned out to be a complete success to the delight of Lütfiye.

      The morning after, Fekeli learned from one of his employees that the alleged Mehmet Kara, whom he met the night before, had been living abroad for many years. Suspecting that he had caught the cat, Ali Rahmet went to the place of origin of the newcomer. There, some villagers, seeing a photo in the newspaper, revealed the truth to him: “This man is not Mehmet, but Hakan Gümüsoglü.”

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