Tower of Fantasy error 2618, does one of the biggest problems on your servers have a solution?

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Tower of Fantasy It has already reached our computers and mobiles. The gacha phenomenon free to play of this summer comes, again, from China with an overwhelming force, with Tencent as an ally and with a view to overthrowing Genshin Impact. Even so, like a good MMO, Hotta Studio’s commitment has been compromised by a few saturated servers and the one known asbug 2618″, and let’s see how to fix itYes you can.

To begin with, we must bear in mind that since it is a massive multiplayer, errors of this type will occur with assiduity during the first days and, unfortunately, if the study does not solve it, it may mark the entire first month of life. It is a situation that they faced at the time Lost Ark either New Worldwith queues of players waiting to access the impressive game worlds, but at least the Asian studio give away certain rewards for the problems caused.

That said, “error 2618” occurs when the servers we are trying to access they are competent full and there is no room left to join the queue. At the moment, we do not know what the maximum capacity of the queues to access the server is. But can it be fixed? The truth is that no, although the solution is to have patiencethe “error 2618″ implies that we have to try every few minutes to access the server in question.

According to several users, the queue usually takes about half an hourso we encourage you to try from time to time or resort to the mobile version to access the queue and reserve a place on the server to later play on PC. Even so, it should be noted that it seems that Tower of Fantasy chooses the closest users to the server as priority for your connection type.

This means that from the closest servers in your region, be it Europe, Asia or America, try to log in to the server closest to you. For example, in the case of Spain we found 2 servers where not only the Spanish-speaking community has been establishedbut they are designed for our region in order to have a greater connection and stability.

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